How Palau Wants to Reward You for Being a Responsible Traveler

Through the Palau Pledge Initiative program, the islands of Palau will offer exclusive experiences to visitors who help preserve the island nation’s beauty. Travelers will be rewarded with exclusive experiences based on how they treat Palau’s local environment and culture. Travelers will be able to redeem points during their holiday on the islands after participating to specific environmentally-friendly activities. 

Palau’s waters contain some of the world’s richest marine biodiversity. The inhabitants and economy rely heavily on tourism so that the aim of the initiative is to balance biodiversity protection and climate action with economic growth. 

After two long years of lockdown, the archipelago opens up again for tourism. Now, the Palau inhabitants want to make a change to protect their fragile ecosystem and to take care of the next generations. 

A video presenting the aim of this exceptional initiative can be viewed on this link: Palau Pledge Initiative Program 

In this video, the children of Palau explain why they have written a pledge that every traveler has to take and show us how small acts have big effects.

Click here to join their pledge Community and help Palau inhabitants in this wonderful initiative: Palau is the first nation on earth to only issue visas to visitors who sign an eco-pledge.

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