The true healing of herbs

Kruut is a Berlin-based healing newcomer that propose natural remedies based on local herbs. Founded in 2019 by Annika and Thorben, the healing drinks are based on herbal extracts that combines wild plants of the region of Berlin-Brandenburg with honey and cider vinegar. These are ancient recipes that were already used by the Greeks centuries ago so that Kruut brings back proven knowledge into our everyday life.

The proven herbal extract brings back the power of local wild plants and are bottled in so-called Oxymel (from oxy=sour, and mel=honey) preparation. The extract is stirred by hand over a period of several weeks. All you have to do is mix it with water and enjoy. Annika and Thorben from Kruut rely on proven knowledge, local superfoods and non-industrial production.

I specially like the Immun Oxymel as I could really feel the results of boosting my immune system and I felt that this helped me this winter to prevent infections. I like to infuse it with warm water. Immun Oxymel contains rosehip, thyme, sage and ribwort which are ones of the best local wild herbs that can support your immune system. You might get a little bit surprised by the sour taste of the vinegar at the start. I realized then that we are so much used in our nutrition to sweet and salty preparations so that after a while, I appreciated this new taste in my mouth and did really get addicted to this mix of herbal, sour and honey-sweet taste !

The power of Incense

Another product that I really love by Kruut is the Incense. Honest incense bundles are bundled by hand in southern Germany. With local medicinal and wild plants, Kruut revive an ancient ritual: incense. I tested their organic incenses and love the "Klare Geist" (Clear Mind) blend that purifies and clears the mind. Ideal for letting go of the old, getting in the mood for new paths and focusing on the essentials. Burning incense has been practiced throughout history and by many cultures and civilizations. It is known to have been used during meditation, in purification rites, to positively affect the mind and mood and to honor the ancestors.

Incense connects us with our intuition and our feelings in just a few moments. Science showed us that the scent molecules in the smoke go through the nose straight to our limbic system. It is the oldest part of our brain and controls our emotions. This rudimentary part awakens our memories and manages our autonomic nervous system. The smell of the smoked incense has an effect on our entire body.

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