Hanna recipes for a better planet

Hanna Olvenmark is a nutritionist, entrepreneur, food blogger and cookbook author. People in Sweden know her well through her Book „Serving under 10 kronor“. Her cookbooks have been sold very well the past years and her Instagram account (@portionenundertian) has grown to almost 200 000 followers !

As a newly qualified nutritionist, she experienced again and again that many people think that good food has to be expensive. Hanna didn't think so at all. As a student she started her food blog with some of her fellow students; she even had a dedicated section on her blog that was all about cheap and healthy food. 

Her advices are so important in times of rising food prices as so many people are forced through the current inflation to reconsider their purchases and plan other alternatives. She makes us realize that good food is still possible on a tight budget. She explains us how to cook varied, healthy and cheap - and at the same time protect the planet. 

Let’s take the example of legumes: in our western civilization, the portion of legumes in our meals decreased the last 50 years. Most people don’t know how they have to cook it or with what they can cook with it. Legumes are so important for our health, they are cheap and also climate-friendly. They have a lot of vitamins, minerals and are an important source of fiber, proteins. Hanna shows us through her recipes that legumes can be really delicious !

In her recipes, she also take into account the ecological footprint by calculating the emissions caused by the cultivation, packaging and transportation of the different ingredients. Hanna gives us also some tips to better manage our meal budget: she first see what she has at home left for ingredients (as throwing food is not only bad for the wallet but also bad for our planet). Then she plans for the next few days a meal plan that enables her to write an accurate shopping list. 

Hanna shows us that we can change our habits, surely we have to put effort into it and time but the results are so encouraging as we take responsibility and we impact positively our planet !

For more Information, check https://undertian.com