Karim Iliya is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in whales, threatened wildlife, and delicate ecosystems on Earth.

We chose the pictures of Karim Iliya to present on our booking platform our beautiful mother nature. 

Scenes from the sky, scenes underwater, these are the extremes that Karim Iliya presents in his beautiful contrasting photography. Through his pictures, we get aware how precious our planet is. Karim brings some of the most stunning imagery of the natural world to the public to help shape our consciousness about respecting the nature and the animals. 

Karim is a conservation-minded photographer that put photography to the political task of helping save the subjects he photographs. 

Having grown up in the Middle East, Karim quickly developed a curiosity for the natural world that has now taken him into the midst of battling whales, exploding volcanoes, ice worlds of the arctic and various other fascinating places where humans and animals make their homes. He aims to use his photography and video to share his unique perspective of the earth while telling stories about people, places and animals. His passion lies in documenting whales, big cats and other threatened animals in an effort to protect the delicate ecosystems on Earth. Karim has been published in National Geographic Magazine for his humpback whale and aerial photography.

He regularly travels internationally and through the continental U.S. working on a variety of photography and videography projects. He spends three to four months of the year documenting whales. Karim’s home is in the Hawaiian islands where he spends his time freediving, surfing, windsurfing, flying drones, camping and photographing the world around him. He also spends time pursuing personal projects to document marine life and ecosystems. 


Karim is a globetrotter that has shown us how our efforts are crucial to cherish and safeguard our blue planet.


Karim won also in 2021 the National geographic Price “Underwater Photographer of the year – marine conservation photographer of the year, and behavior „


More Information about Karim Iliya and his photography: https://karimphotography.com