Monterosso’s Modern & Sustainable Living

Reg. Park of the Euganean Hills, Italy

    Bedroom(s): 2
    Bathroom(s): 2
    Persons (max): 6
    Persons (optimal): 4

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Your stay at Monterosso’s Modern & Sustainable Living

On a slope of Monterosso, overlooking the village of San Biagio, this architectural vision rests peacefully, awaiting your next visit.

The garden-framed bed & breakfast was consciously designed, considering efficiency, aesthetics, and guest experience before a single beam was ever erected. The minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired industrial concept coexists harmoniously with the natural landscape.

Emotion was also heavily emphasized when creating dedicated spaces throughout the abode above the town, and each room’s function was considered when selecting the signature colors of each individual space. No details were overlooked in the design and construction of this elegant Italian bed & breakfast. It also takes the open concept to the next level–the connected living-dining-kitchen space can be further extended by opening the terrace doors for a seamless skyline experience.

Spend your days simply observing the comings-and-goings of the village below and soak in the view of the Southern Dolomites and Altopiano di Asiago when the weather allows. This property caters to stays and retreats of all kinds.


While you’re encouraged to slow down and take reprieve from the chaos of everyday life, there are also plenty of activities to be enjoyed at this modern Italian bed & breakfast in the Park of the Euganean Hills. Spend your days hiking the hills and forest, take in the sunset from the terrace (or watch through the wide, abundant windows), tasting regional olive oils, or even arrange an on-site pottery lesson with the owner, Ulla, where you’ll learn to make ceramic creations like the ones that decorate the interior surfaces of the home. You can rent traditional bikes or e-bikes on the property for your treks. There are plenty of bike trails, a few wineries, and several excellent golf courses nearby (Montecchia, Frassanelle, and Galzignano). It’s also an ideal location for taking a day trip! Head to Venice or Verona for more opportunities to explore the country’s rich history, or take the 15 minute drive to Padova to enjoy either of the local Unesco World Heritage sites.


This stunning bed and breakfast is fairly secluded and centered in a large natural garden on the edge of the forest. There are marvelous views wherever your eyes rest, from the remarkable architecture, to the handmade ceramics throughout the home (which are made on-site and available for purchase), to the natural garden, or finally the panoramic view over the neighboring village and peaks. Internet is available, but there are no televisions in the B&B, encouraging you to slow down, explore, and truly live in the moment. Relax, unwind, and use your time in the space to promote your own wellness as the space was created to do.


  • Sauna
  • Wash machine
  • For animals
  • Wi-Fi
  • Terrace
  • Private parking
  • Oven
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Air conditioning
  • Breakfast


  • Travelling with children
  • Travelling with a dog


The owners of this beautiful, modern property put the utmost care and attention when designing the architecture and the processes in this beautiful modern Italian bed and breakfast, using sustainability and environmentalism to steer their decisions in construction. Instead of relying on costly and energy-consuming heating and air conditioning, they designed the B&B to regulate its own temperature throughout the summer and winter via a geothermal heat exchange system that tunnels one-hundred and fifty meters below the ground. This system is also responsible for supplying all of the hot water used on the property. They also use minimal external lighting to reduce light pollution and almost all the lighting uses energy-efficient LED bulbs. 


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