Avant Garde Woodland Retreat

Guadalajara, Spain

    Bedroom(s): 5
    Bathroom(s): 3
    Persons (max): 10
    Persons (optimal): 10

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Your stay at Avant Garde Woodland Retreat

If you seek sanctuary, this avant garde woodland retreat in Guadalajara is your ideal destination for your next holiday. It’s situated in an ideal location, set on a 9,000 square meter property in the forest, and exists in harmony with two bodies of water: the Tagus River and the Sea of Castile.

The sprawling five-bedroom home features two courtyards and several sunlight-bathed common areas like the spacious living room, dining room, full kitchen and workshop. Organic motifs of stonework and plaster permeate the interior and exterior of the building, and substantial windows and glass doors offer a seldom-interrupted view of the woods and the water around you.

The abode almost mimics ancient ruins nearby–if they were modernized, polished, and reimagined with minimalistic luxury in mind.


Homebodies will delight in taking in the views of the garden, studying books in the library, and enjoying a quiet night by the fire, or taking a pre-arranged yoga class. The workshop can also be used as a ceramics lab, artist’s studio, or home theater.

The region offers much to explore and experience, from the natural beauty of the Sea of Castile to the inspiring archaeological sites like Recópolis or Ercávica. Climbing is popular in the area, and there are many natural landscapes that have climbing routes already mapped. Otherwise, you may enjoy the water, where you can boat, windsurf, waterski, fish, or windsurf.

Take a trip to nearby Pastrana, where you can view medieval works of art and architecture, or head to Sayatón to see the Castle of Anguix. Should you choose to visit the aforementioned Ercávica, you’ll also be able to visit the centuries-old monastery of Santa Maria de Monsalud.


This organic, avant garde escape was dreamed up by a family of architects who desired a way to showcase the great beauty of the surrounding countryside and marry it with modern art. Function, form, and aesthetics, along with eco-friendliness, were contemplated heavily in the design of the property. The two courtyards (one light and the other shaded) along with the abundance of windows and elevated viewpoints encourage the weary traveler to take in the majesty of the nearby river and mountains, connecting them with nature at every given opportunity. The building is similar to other traditional dwellings of the region, creating a familiar feel with a new sensation. It’s ideal for a family getaway, retreat, or an intimate gathering and celebration.


  • Outdoor pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Terrace
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Oven
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Air conditioning


  • Travelling with children
  • Travelling with a dog


  • Sustainable Building Architecture


  • Hiking lover
  • Culture lover


The splayed building was thoughtfully and intentionally created to minimize the impact on the environment: it was constructed by native masons, by using locally-sourced materials, and employs heated floors, natural insulation, and solar power to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption.

The finishes in the house were also intentionally left raw, affecting not only the aesthetic, but also reducing the amount of materials used and the energy used (or not used, in this case) to finish them. The result? A beautiful, more environmentally-friendly stay.


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