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Signagi Sustainable Ranch

Qedeli, Georgia


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Your stay at Signagi Sustainable Ranch

Venture a bit off the beaten path and into the peaceful Qedeli settlement in Signagi, Georgia, to discover a jewel on the ridge overlooking the Caucasus Mountains: a destination ranch with six guestrooms (plus one Archeology Apartment and one Piruza Cottage) that doubles as a restaurant and triples as a natural microbrewery.

Each of the eight bespoke hotel rooms are playfully scattered throughout the property and offer a unique viewpoint. You’ll come for the boutique rooms and stay for the craft beer and wood-fired outdoor kitchen, which both constitute an integral part of the experience, offering a deeper examination of Georgian food culture.

You’re not limited to the on-site gastronomic offerings–though they’re hard to stray from–travel on foot or horseback through the nearby villages, monasteries, and towns for even more to savor, from street food and family-style meals to fine dining experiences, and sample famed natural wines from all over the region. You’ll want to return to this hidden gem often, to take in the views and delight your palate once more.


Spend your afternoons sipping on hand-crafted seasonal brews from the microbrewery while you take in the charming views stretching all the way to the Caucasus Mountains, explore the property, observe the ranch and indulge in the fire-roasted cuisine prepared on-site–there’s no wrong way to spend your time at Signagi’s Sustainable Village Ranch.

Ready to step out into the surrounding area? Make your first stop the Pheasant’s Tears Winery, whose co-founder, John Wurdeman, also co-founded the sister restaurant, inn, and ranch that you’re already well acquainted with.

You can also explore further, to visit local markets, hike and bike around the hilly valley, and visit remnants of bygone eras like antique churches and monasteries. Still not sure what to do? Ask the team at the ranch–they can create a custom itinerary based on your interests, including anything from wine tours to active adventures.


In addition to breathtaking views and eats that will leave you speechless, the ranch and inn also offers flexibility: rent a single room or the entire property for small events and intimate weddings, when the team will be happy to create a tailored menu to ensure you show your guests the best of Georgian hospitality.

This one-of-a-kind property was created with the intention of offering a phenomenal experience to travelers who dared to stray away from the typically popular tourist areas in Georgia. An area so rich in history and culture deserves to be preserved, shared, and celebrated. The ranch aims to do just that, through its culinary excellence and commitment to seasonal, sustainable food.

    Bedroom(s): 1
    Bathroom(s): 1
    Persons (max): 2
    Persons (optimal): 2

Your stay at Double Room

This double room features a balcony, bathrobe and tumble dryer.


  • Non-smoking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Air conditioning

    Bedroom(s): 1
    Bathroom(s): 1
    Persons (max): 4
    Persons (optimal): 4

Your stay at Family Room

This family room has a soundproofing, private entrance and air conditioning.


  • Non-smoking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Air conditioning


  • Non-smoking
  • For animals
  • Wi-Fi
  • Terrace
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Grill
  • Bicycle
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Air conditioning
  • Breakfast


  • Travelling with children
  • Travelling with a dog


  • Sustainable Building Architecture
  • Sustainable Interior design


  • Hiking lover
  • Culture lover


This sustainable ranch in Signagi aims to preserve culture and enrich the lives of both friendly travelers and the local community, without inducing ecological repercussions. Where possible, the team at the restaurant and brewery source edible goods from local producers–if it’s not something already grown on the ranch.

Also in the interest of conservation, the 150 year-old Archaeology Suite & Piruza Cottage at the ranch were once residential houses, and have been consciously restored and renovated to transform them into the comfortable guest accommodations they serve as today. The impressive woodwork at the inn was made by local artisans using second-hand materials and the owners try to minimize the plastic consumption. 

Within their social responsibility, the inn and ranch also partners with local organizations to offer support, workshops and events to the youth, women, and late war refugees residing within the community.


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