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Lake Bacalar A-Frames

Bacalar, Mexico

    Bedroom(s): 1
    Bathroom(s): 1
    Persons (max): 2
    Persons (optimal): 2

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Your stay at Lake Bacalar A-Frames

A Tranquil Stay Off the Beaten Path

Nestled among the treeline in the jungle just outside of Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico, the minute compound of a half dozen a-frame cabins overlook Lake Bacalar’s clear blue and turquoise waves.

Owner-architects and permanent inhabitants, Sam and Bernie, were committed to preserving the naturalistic integrity of the area when designing the layout and accommodations of their lush verdant escape. The cabin and common area make up an incredibly small percentage of the property’s footprint to minimize the impact of passing travelers on the landscape. Though, the environment wasn’t the only consideration given to the design.

The pair also boast a background in photography, meaning a photogenic quality was equally important when considering the layout and construction of their off-grid escape. The cabanas were fabricated with a minimalist-meets-environmentalist approach: less is more and locally-sourced, earth-based materials take precedence over traditional industrial materials. 

You’re not likely to find the usual amenities of a hotel or resort (think television, hair dryer, or air conditioner) here, as most-high voltage appliances suck too much of the solar-generated power. Instead you’ll trade in modern frivolities for elemental luxuries like views of the lake unobstructed by high-rises, a symphony of vibrant jungle sounds uninterrupted by traffic noise, and a sky full of stars unhindered by light pollution.

What to Do

The earth-focused design of this micro-paradise encourages you to slow down, absorb the beauty of the landscape, and find rejuvenation in the restful nature of the Mayan wilderness. Swim or kayak in the glittering waters of Lake Bacalar, sunbathe on a terrace, or take a blissful nap in a handcrafted hammock. Wi-fi is limited to the common area, so leave your work at home and use your time to prioritize your mental and physical well-being.

Why We Like This Destination

The six similar cabins–each bearing a unique name and a handful of distinguishing features–were thoughtfully designed by the owners and constructed of locally sourced materials. Each cabin is constructed atop pilotis to allow for efficient rainwater drainage and promotes uninterrupted ecosystems of vegetation and microorganisms, reducing erosion and further contributing to a lowered environmental impact.

The a-frame building shape and natural ventilation systems help the cabanas absorb significantly less solar heat and self-regulate temperature, requiring no electricity to heat or cool them. The eco-conscious owners also made a commitment to regenerating native plant life that was affected by previous inhabitants of the area.

Stewardship and ecological responsibility are some of the driving principles behind the 100% off-grid nano-community. Single-use plastics are banned from the property and only environmentally-friendly products are permitted. Limited internet also makes this an ideal destination for a digital detox. With these pristine views, a phone or computer screen will be the last thing you’ll want to see.


  • Non-smoking
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Double bed


  • Sustainable Building Architecture
  • Sustainable Interior design
  • Sustainable Energy System used


  • Beach lover


This space was built entirely with ecological conservation in mind: the compound operatescompletely off-grid, generating all of the (limited) electricity via solar panels, recycling all wastewater, and composting or recycling matter as appropriate. Green space was prioritized in the planning, and the owners built the cabins on stepped levels to ensure that the native environment remained as undisturbed as possible. As far as sustainable getaways goes,  Lake Bacalar A-Frames ranks high on our list.


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