How book for the planet works?

When you travel through Book for the Planet, you’re doing more than just sightseeing, photo taking, or exploring, you’re making a noteworthy environmental impact. We secure the best possible pricing at accommodations worldwide, all while letting you know exactly which charity your trip is supporting.

Overall, your trip comes around full circle. First, you gain access to extraordinary, hand-selected destinations at exceptional prices. Next, you can fully enjoy a guilt-free trip knowing that the area you’re visiting is becoming better because of you. Your trip will also help us grow our socially-responsible platform, lending way to more trips to more locations as we scale. Reserve your trip today to support a brighter tomorrow for our planet.


Browse Destinations

Search through our database of exclusive locations worldwide for the perfect travel destination.


Discover Your Charity

Once you’ve determined where you’re going, you can see which charity you will be supporting with absolute transparency


Book & Connect with
Your Host

Through our payment portal, you will be able to directly book your stay by paying a small 10% Service Fee- 5% supports the sustainment of our platform and 5% goes directly to the charity


Experience Kinder Travel

Upon arriving to your destination, you can enjoy the comforts of a luxury travel experience with the peace of mind that comes with making a positive environmental impact


Connect with Our Community

Your trip is not over after you have returned home. Instead, you can connect with like-minded eco-conscious travelers through our online community, share your travel stories, and earn reward points throughout the process that are redeemable on your next trip.


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