After over two decades of experience within the travel and hospitality industry, our founder decided to take action. In turn, she channeled her commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable travel into founding Book for the Planet. She believed that the high commissions charged by travel agencies and booking platforms could be repurposed to benefit local environmental initiatives. Likewise, she felt that accommodations could be selected more carefully to help travelers choose the most eco-friendly options possible. As a result, a portion of all travel fees directly benefits eco-friendly causes, nonprofits, and charities. Every step of the way, travelers know exactly which organization their trip is benefitting, leading to a deeper connection with the local area and community as a whole.

We understand firsthand that travelers want to feel good about their trips while enjoying their vacation time. That’s why we base our trips around over 500 exclusive locations while supporting over 50 charities. In turn, every trip with Book for the Planet offers a comfortable experience that makes a meaningful positive impact. Throughout the process, travelers can connect with one another in our online community, sharing stories while uniting to save our planet. Let’s change the way humankind travels, together.


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